Are You Ready To Enjoy Nature’s Treat?

Welcome back to the Nature’s Treat blog! This month, we want to share a bit more information about why we’re here and what you can expect from us. As smart, savvy, forward thinking entrepreneurs, starting a business focused on wellness and CBD has been a long-term goal and something that we are excited to do. CBD, hemp, THC, what does it all mean? We are here to help you figure that out and more.  We aim to become your trusted source for CBD information and education, as well as share the benefits of living the Nature's Treat lifestyle. 


What is the Nature’s Treat Lifestyle? CBD is a natural alternative to help get through the rigors of daily life. We bring this concept to our product and business: using organic, healthy, best in class partners and plants to build our company. Every product from Nature’s Treat is able to be traced back to a premium, pesticide free, naturally sourced plant. By scanning the QR code found on your Nature’s Treat purchase, you can find the Certificate of Analysis of where we locally sourced the plant. The “COA” will show the various cannabinoids within, as well as the percent of THC. The latter will always be below .3% as CBD is not a psychoactive cannabinoid. This means you will not get “high,” instead allowing you to enjoy the calm and relaxation of nature’s natural treat, CBD.
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As we embark on this journey to become your trusted source for CBD products, knowledge and overall wellness, this blog will serve as the place to join us. It will be the place to learn more about the wonderful benefits of CBD in its many forms as well as a bit of our personal journey with the hemp plant. As we expand to more locations and grow the Nature’s Treat footprint, you’ll find new in-store locations here, as well as more information about our partners, media, and us.  


In the next few weeks we’ll be appearing on the Diary of a Mad Black Man Podcast, here on Instagram to share more about Nature’s Treat. Please tune in and look out for a link here. We appreciate any feedback, comments and suggestions as we travel together!

Your Friends, 
Nature’s Treat LLC