The Gift of Nature's Treat CBD Coconut Oil

Hello Nature’s Treat Fam!

What is on your list for this holiday season? How about something you can bring with you everywhere as needed, is dependable for relaxation and hygienic upkeep, while giving you a youthful, moisturizing glow for the winter months? Well what is it?  Nature’s Treat Coconut Oil!


CBD Coconut oil all natural cbd isolate 1200mg



100% Organic and 100% THC free, you are 100% safe and secure using our oil in any form. As your trusted CBD source for information and education, we’ve highlighted a few recommended uses for our brand new coconut oil below. Containing 1200mg of CBD in each batch, Nature Treat’s Coconut Oil provides all of the naturally occurring positive effects of coconut oil, with the additional benefits of CBD. Read below for more details.


CBD coconut oil extra virgin raw coconut oil 


As a skin & hair moisturizer, coconut oil naturally contains lipids or fats that are needed for your skin after bathing or washing your hair. By applying or rubbing coconut oil onto the skin after a shower or bath, you lock water moisture back into the top layers of skin, replenishing and softening the body’s largest organ. Nature Treat’s CBD Coconut Oil’s 1200mg’s of CBD will also ensure that your hair and skin have all essential vitamins, including vitamins A & D, to support cell growth, calm rashes, eczema and other skin inflammations. 


In addition to assisting with inflammation on your outer layer, our CBD coconut oil also helps internally by relaxing muscles and lessening inflammation. As we’ve shared before and as published in the Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research journal in 2018, CBD can be used to relieve inflammatory joint pain from arthritis without steroids or other prescription drugs. This is due to CBD’s stimulation of the CB2 endocannabinoid receptor which has protective anti-inflammatory effects within the body, also helping with stress and sleep. This makes Nature Treat’s Coconut Oil the perfect post-workout topical rub, relieving aches and pains from your last high intensity workout or the hamstring you stretched too far in yoga class recently. 


Our Recommended Uses of Nature Treat’s CBD Coconut Oil

  • Apply to skin after shower or bath for moisturization
  • Apply to beard or hair for extra shine and hair nutrients
  • Apply to skin & joints topically after workouts or on aches and pains for relief of pain and inflammation


CBD Coconut oil guitar jazz legend cbd isolate


Nature Treat’s CBD Coconut Oil is available now in our shop here! We recommend grabbing quickly while supplies last! Feel free to reach out to us at for any questions about your order. Stay thriving and focused Nature’s Treat family and until next time!



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