Nature’s Treat - Podcasts & Our First YouTube Review

Recently, Nature’s Treat had the opportunity to partner with one of our favorite podcasts, 'Diary of a Mad Black Man' hosted by our friend and fellow entrepreneur, Blake Johnson. Currently available on Spotify, Apple and, it’s an excellent podcast where Blake speaks to the audience as his therapist, inviting them into his thoughts as he discusses the many things that affect his daily mental health. Episodes range from topics such as friendships, relationships and family, to being an entrepreneur, depression, anxiety, travel, hemp and CBD.

CBD 101 Podcast Diary of Mad Black Man Hemp Flower


It was fun to partner with a fellow friend who embodies the spirits of the Nature’s Treat brand and to share a bit about us and our story. We discuss how we got together as youth in Ithaca, NY, to our initial dabblings in CBD and why we wanted to start our business. We also cover what to look for when shopping for CBD, how we source our products, the hemp industry and of course, where to find Nature’s Treat. You can check out the podcast here!

 We were also recently featured in our first YouTube review! @theresellinguru Hanna Mathis shared her thoughts on one of our top-selling products, Bubba’s Early Remedy.

CBD Hemp Flower Premium Bubba's Early Premium CBD Hemp Flower All Natural
The flower has a great aroma and flavor, with notes of citrus, and sandalwood to balance the hint of earthiness provided by pine. Pine is known to help navigate stress, balance hormones and promote better sleep, so this is a great product for both CBD beginners and more experienced users. Check out her review here and purchase the flower from our online store here!


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